HPC Market Review

The High Performance Computing market is one of the most dynamically developing in the IT industry.

According to Intersect360 RESEARCH (1), the market volume will exceed $37 billion in 2019 and will continue to expand with a further annual growth of 2-5%, which, with an average annual growth of the global IT industry in 2014- 2019 by 3% (2), makes the HPC market one of those driving the overall growth of the global IT market today and in the near future. By 2021, the HPC market will reach $44 billion. According to IDC’s (3) assessment, the return on investment (ROI) for the 2013-2014 reporting period amounted to $515 per each dollar invested. The forego- ing shows the HPC market to be one of the most attractive in the IT industry in terms of investment, both in the short and the long term.


The structure of the global HPC market is shifting towards industrial businesses. In 2015, manufacturing business accounted for 47.3% in the overall structure (bioengineering, CAE, chemistry, EDV/ISV/IT, geo-engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, automotive, etc.). The share of state research institutes and military/defense enterprises accounted for about 29%. Universities and institutions engaged in basic research and weather forecast occupied about 22% of the market. In the next five years, market growth will be provided mainly by the business industry. Public sector customers’ share against the background of the growing presence in the market of the industrial business sector will be reduced to 26%.


We are deeply convinced that the established traditional market of High Performance Computing in the near future (before 2020) will undergo significant shifts due to the change of the business model from the HPC Systems closed solutions installed in the buildings of corporations and research institutes to the development and expansion of HPC cloud services. The new business model will open up a market for new consumer sectors, the total of which is comparable to, or even exceeds, the volume of the traditional market (~$35 billion in 2018). Having the highest growth rates (21% annually), the HPC cloud market will reach $22 billion by 2023 (4) :

Fig1. Dynamics of the global Cloud High Performance Computing Market in the period of 2016-2023.



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