ANNA Systems: About Us

Our project is aimed at building global infrastructure for providing high-performance computing services that are easily accessible to any Internet user - A-Platform.

The 21st century is an era of information technologies capable of changing our world and addressing issues on the global and regional scale. High Performance Computing technologies by definition are on the bleeding edge concerning using applied math to solve existing problems of mankind in the fields of industry, energy, ecology, science, space, agriculture, medicine and education in the most efficient way. 

High-performance computing solutions are an area of operation and of particular interest to ANNA Systems.

These solutions include a full-featured complete set of activities for planning, designing, building, software development, delivery and commissioning, tuning, administration and technical support of the unified system, dispatching and support 24/7/365 via the hotline Moscow, Ottawa, Frankfurt. 

With High Performance Computing technologies, in convergence with Big Data, Deep Learning, and IoT, it will be possible to create a single intelligent nervous system of the technosphere, which will be able, serving the needs of humankind, to become a factor of harmonious coexistence with the environment and equilibrium of the planet ecosystem.

That is why we create a unique proprietary web platform service (A-Platform), through which we consolidate partner resources distributed and separated by HPC, allow us to commercialize computing services to customers and provide access to the ecosystem and knowledge base to solve:

  • typical (CAD, CAE, CAM, Rendering, 3D modeling),
  • highly specialized (CFD, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT etc)
  • specific tasks (Data Science, Artificial Neural Network etc)

In the long term, the network will unite industry, science, business, engineering, and design teams to solve problems of different complexity levels in various fields of application on a global scale through the information technology infrastructure.

The key points of our project are the following:

  •  Many-fold reduction in the cost of these services;

  • A web platform responsive to user requests with a focus on a user-friendly interface and usability;

  • A sharp decrease in the entry threshold for the use of High Performance;

  • Computing services for Internet users;

  • HPC self-developing services ecosystem for all segments of the market, including technologies and tools for the development of adjacent markets: IoT, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence.

Stay tuned!